Data Protection and Visitor Information 2018 Requirements.

Tin Shed Yarns would like you to know that as a user of the Google platform "Blogspot" I am required to inform my European Union visitors that information is collected by Google for their "Ad-sense" feature. Numbers of visitors to the site are also collected.

That is my part of the legal requirement on information-gathering covered.

Google "blogspot" are US based and have not put this notice directly on the blogspot pages template for those of us outside of the EU while insisting that as a user I have to make this other words putting all the responsibility on me.

I have looked into Ad-sense and I don't like it and I doubt my lovely and genuine readers would want it either. Actually, the site wouldn't even qualify as the numbers are too low.

Speaking of numbers....yes, I DO look at the Data Analytics to see where in the world the blog trends or doesn't. If you search for me, your URL does show up. Sometimes, and I stress SOMETIMES I check those addresses if I see numbers escalating and I sense bots or scamming attempts. These then get blocked. Apart from that I never check URLs.

I can tell you in all honesty that individual IP addresses are not's the web-site or the search engine only that comes up.

I don't operate my own subscription service...nor do I do on-line sales so there is no information held at all. I am familiar with Data Protection and its perils from my teaching background.

I do hope this clarifies things.

I have linked the page Google have suggested as enough proof of their responsibility towards data.

Many thanks,

Fiona MacBride

Tin Shed Yarns