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Literacy....A Right.......(or why I went teaching).

I want to talk about literacy especially numeracy and text literacy for children.

I needed a context to put it in so the photograph above was sampled as an example of development in an impoverished area -Cornwall in late 19th Century. This photogenic girl will have practised her numeracy by counting her stitches. I would be making a judgement on her reading ability, but I doubt that a huge amount of time and effort would have been made by the relevant authorities to ensure that she could read with confidence. I did study history.
Our young girl would have had very basic literacy.
Then we move on to the Post-War time in Western Nations where after 1946 huge efforts were made to see to the general health and well-being of its citizens. Education was now mandatory for girls and boys. Anyone who has watched "Call The Midwife" BBC will have got this message and its background clearly in their understanding.
Here in New Zealand we adopted the same policies with a big emphasis on early…