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I Should Have Listened...........

There comes a time when you make a decision and making it makes you feel loads better.

For me, writing up my Work Diary forced me to re-read my entry from the previous week about the second-hand knitting machine I had sourced locally.
I had given up then on it and it had been stored at the very back of the shed behind the old spinning wheel....that means it was just too heavy to store up in the rafters.
I had been warned, but did I listen?....did I heck as like.
Thought I could manage it....thought I could conquer it. Thought I could "whip-up" squares of hand-spun and then edge them by hand all nice and evenly.....thought I had a new product for a new market. What a total eejit!
I had been warned.
"Best of luck" a neighbour said, "one wrong move and it gets ruined..."
"Rather you than me", said another, "....never got the hang of them myself."
I really did try to like it.

I gave it new needles and a new sponge bar.
I cleaned and cleaned it.
I rea…