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Letter to Santa 2017

Dear Santa,

How are things with you?
Hope the reindeer are eating well.
It has been a whole 12 months since we last talked and let's face it, it has been a s*** of a year. I am not blaming you but I really need a positive gesture to help with the New Year.
It was on the whole a "One Step Forward-One Step Back" experience all year. Determination to enter Exhibitions thwarted by derailment,on-going Family Dramas, illness (not mine), a Convent Restoration in Ireland to which I have links abandoned by ineptitude and nastiness, and then the whole culture of thoughtlessness in America, and Britain.
I was happy to hide in the Shed and just spin wool.
Which I started doing again last week.
Santa, I know you are a bloke and might have to ask around on this, but why do women always carry the burden of emotional responsibility within families? ...and is it fair?
You see, in order for a woman to be able to create a clear artistic path they have to be free of responsibilities and demands....…