It's don't need chemicals but you DO need boiled water.

These skeins are ducklings.

They are soft, squishy, white and they smell of new wool.

I adore new wool.

It makes me feel inspired to create fabulous projects and cosy knitted things for little just does my soul SO much good.

It's wool I made, with real fleece from real sheep.

I made it using a hand-comb.....

Hand-Comb and Fleece

....combing out staples and spinning from the outer end....

Combed staples ready for spinning 

...into singles, which I plied and then wound into a skein...

Unwashed skein of plied singles 

...and then soaked overnight in a bucket with a cup full of wool wash and three kettles of boiling water...

Wash buckets 

.....then rinse in more boiled water...and hang to dry.

Washed skeins hanging to dry 

No forced drying.

No wet-spinning.

No additives.

No fillers.

No solvents.

Completely natural.

Local hand-raised sheep.

No breaking down of the wool structure.

....and ready to knit or weave with.

...and available here.......Tin Shed Yarns on Etsy

Take care

Fiona MacBride

Tin Shed Yarns