It's live now on Ravelry ...and in Breaking News, on Love Knitting

...and we're there.

A huge sigh of relief and thanks.

The pattern is now available here 

and here

Thanks to my lovely model Sue, in whose home this shot was taken.

Thanks to Corinna Wylie who gave me the fleece to spin from her friendly sheep Mike 

pictured under the peach tree in her garden.

More pictures of the Stole....

...and yes that is the back yard of Tin Shed Yarns....

....more pictures?

Sue has the right colouring for this garment...and we caught her after a long day at work yet she still looked great.

Project Notes:

-Uses 360gm of 8oly hand-spun natural wool.
-Gauge was 22 sts over 20 rows.
-Measurements 1.76m x 43cm.
-Needles 3mm straights.
-Blocking....use a frame if you can get one.
-Wool was spun in the grease and plied to about a 12 twists per inch. It was washed and      shrunk AFTER spinning.
-Fleece came from a hand-raised happy sheep.
-No solvents, no stripping chemicals, no dyes and no fillers.


Fiona MacBride

Tin Shed Yarns