Letter To Santa 2016

Danish Fruit Salad
Dear Santa,

I know we don't talk much throughout the year but lately I have been thinking of you a lot. 

No, I haven't popped down to the local Mall to "have a chat" with you for two reasons 1) The nearest Mall is 40 mins drive and an angry car-park away and 2) I loath the Mall.

Santa, this was a year when we all needed a hero, a good person and some really good news. Last year when I wrote, Syria was being bombed and I kind of hoped you would see off one of the people responsible. Yeah, I know, it's not what you do...not "in your brief" so to speak.

It was a year we all got through but boy the angry people were out and about. Here, there was dismay. Privately some suited business-types felt their time had finally come but they kept a decency over it.

It was a year when I connected with my Family Tribe...that was just great; Actually that was one of the best things of the year.

Santa, I have been very, very good this year. I have been kind and brave...you know that. I hope the elves have been good and the reindeer aren't lame.

Could you see to this wee list please...it would make me so happy. 

1. Happiness and peace for my two precious children.

2. That refugees from Aleppo are treated honourably.

3. That refugees in the camps in Lebanon know they can get to a safe place.

4. That I can get all of this new fleece spun and knitted before March 2017.

Much love,

Fiona MacBride

Tin Shed Yarns

Isla waiting for me to finish.
ps. The Danish Fruit Salad is a Christmas favourite here.