Saturday, 11 June 2016

A Prisoner of One's Project

The Author Has Stepped Away From Her Chair

There's that one project you just can't budge.

The one that so tugged and tempted you. That idea that seemed so benign and called to your very soul...that one classic garment you JUST HAD TO MAKE in order to feel complete.

That project that stood between you and the world.

That project that you designed, that you nursed along, that you bleated on an on about, that project that you firmly took deep breaths over and plunged in. That project that your good friend raised her eyebrows over concerned for your well-being, yes, that one.

That project that where you had iddy-biddy stitches to un-pick, and you're working on 2mm needles. The one where the yarn splits.....and turns to angora when you re-knit it AFTER un-picking.

That project that remains stubbornly short of its completion no matter how many tens of hours you put in...there hardly seems progress.

And you begin to get firm about it's control on you and set deadlines for construction stages. 

You set aside whole days....bundles of days AND evenings.

You present arguments to yourself and your contacts that you cannot be contacted for the time you have set aside.

At First It Was Straightforward
You work and work.

You are relieved when Monday coffee is called off......more time to work!

You now have a resolve to pull it all together and get the body done. You count the pattern repeats to give yourself an idea of the distance needed.

You work.

And work....

And you stay away from the computer, limiting yourself.

You enjoy the small rewards of chocolate, or a wine.

Friends don't ask how you are...they sense the distracted tone of voice and just know you are really elsewhere.

Frantically, manically, you check....and check...

You think of the photos you will show, think of the bubbles you will pop...and the smug way you can explain the shoulder-strap which is yet to come...

...and yet, ...with a half-choked sob realise that in fact, it would be better if ONE MORE pattern repeat was included.

Did the tension change?....yup, probably.

Did I knit too tightly?.....perhaps?

The Point At Which The Author Thought She Had Completed The Body

A calm and considered approach can only be achieved by a drive in the country where I picked up another gorgeous fleece from my supplier Rosemary Donaldson. We chatted to the sheep and to her, and she stroked my dog's face. We all calmed down.

Author Realises She Has Another Diamond Pattern Round To Complete And Is Distraught.

At least I was allowed out of and away from my prison.

And really, it does only mean an extra two days of knitting.

Pride is what did it....believing I could achieve what my sensible knitting friend, Debbie Pengelly said was mad!...and she was right.

Only an immature knitter would tackle a gansey with patterning ALL THE WAY up the body in Alpaca which, while milled as a 4ply, knits as a 2ply....hence my earlier howl.
The Gansey Is Pronounced "One Diamon Short"

But I AM, in secret........, rather liking it's whole look.

That keeps me going...

Plus the chocolate....

....and the wine

I'll be with this project for some time to come.


Fiona MacBride

Tin Shed Yarns

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Andrea Little said...

I feel your pain! But you've made a brilliant job - looking forward to seeing your FO!