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Not The Global Market Report...just the local market report.

Farmers' Markets are a fickle experience.

Each one has its own particular feel.

Some are riven by politics and others by snobbery.

There is a culture to markets in general and it is split along Produce/Craft lines as well as Town/Country lines.

With wool I merge all of the above. 

I use three markets and they all have their own clientele and vendors.

I love watching people, especially the vendors.

Invariably there is always the older, loud woman who knows everything and everyone. Her product never changes and she is back every week.

There is the bright young eager one who turns up early and well-organised with a fabulous product and totally cleans up. They are not asked back.

Then there are the dishevelled but charming late-comers with an average product. They do no sales pitch yet they rake in cash just by smiling and tiredly sipping their lattes. They are asked to come in winter when numbers are low.

There are three more types, and these ones I have yet to crack.

There's the little gen…

A Prisoner of One's Project

There's that one project you just can't budge.
The one that so tugged and tempted you. That idea that seemed so benign and called to your very soul...that one classic garment you JUST HAD TO MAKE in order to feel complete.
That project that stood between you and the world.
That project that you designed, that you nursed along, that you bleated on an on about, that project that you firmly took deep breaths over and plunged in. That project that your good friend raised her eyebrows over concerned for your well-being, yes, that one.
That project that where you had iddy-biddy stitches to un-pick, and you're working on 2mm needles. The one where the yarn splits.....and turns to angora when you re-knit it AFTER un-picking.
That project that remains stubbornly short of its completion no matter how many tens of hours you put in...there hardly seems progress.
And you begin to get firm about it's control on you and set deadlines for construction stages. 
You set aside whole days....bun…