Saturday, 19 December 2015

Letter To Santa 2015

Dear Santa,

Hope you have been well.

I know you are very busy with very deserving people, mostly children, but I just wanted the chance of getting this letter to you.

All the things I asked for in my last letter have mostly been granted...thank you. Peace in Syria was not going to happen so let's just keep that one as on-going.

The skeiner I wanted...well I am going to make one for myself by adapting the one I thought would match my Aura wheel...DIY is now very big at The Tin Shed. I am quite the dab hand now with the hack saw and drill...

So, you see, I am really quite content and able to make the changes to my immediate environment....BUT if there is ONE big thing you could do, then I would be beholden to you forever and would never doubt you again....

.........could you please change the attitude of some people...............................

-and you know exactly who I mean....

-yes, you do.

-yes, I know it's a big ask, but some of us are tired of changing the whole world ourselves and could do with moral support.

-Well, alright then, don't bring them presents.....

-You're not going to anyway?

Thing is, I don't think they have an affinity for you, Santa, so there's no magic, no wonder and no awe in their lives.

I bet they miss that.

Perhaps this is where you DO actually make a difference, Santa ?

Best wishes to you, Santa.

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