Monday, 14 September 2015

This Blog Needs More Laughs....

Only five year-olds can see vacuuming as a fun activity. 

This blog can get a tad boring.

It's my intention to have at least one happy blog.

Five-year olds are a great source of fun and wonder and those of you who have them around will know EXACTLY what I mean.

Because I have one on occasional loan from his mother (my daughter) I have been able to these things:

1. Make domino tiles stick to the vent on the vacuum cleaner.

2. Blow bubbles in the lounge.

3. Roll marbles in the hall.

4. Use the hand-operated egg-beater in the bath. 

5. Laugh until it hurts watching "Despicable Me".

6. Read books together in bed.

7. Whisper  in the dark.

Train track set up under the piano and around the leg of the coffee table.
 Then there are the lovely people who deliberately make my life just perfect. My partner of 9 and a bit years, Chris.

 He has a line in dreadful jokes which are SO bad, they're good. I'll spare you having to groan.

My partner, Chris.
 Spring is struggling here.

It always raises spirits and as an Aries, the sunlight returning is magical.

Then there is Connor, my new little person. 

The newest miracle

 Holding him is sacred....

Hoping you're smiling now.

Much love,

Fiona MacBride


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