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Doing Big Girl Stuff

Being Aries I have tended in the past to wade into big projects, carry ALL the responsibility, insist on high standards, annoy EVERYONE and then withdraw at the end in a tired, whimpering heap.

I have improved a bit over the years....I have learnt to explain myself a bit better and to gather like-minded people around me, which is exactly why you are here now reading this -a wool worker and creative type.

Pattern-writing has fascinated me for ages. The standard has improved promisingly and designs and yarns accordingly. Photography and modelling now is all at once realistic AND desirable.

So when I tried my hand at pattern-writing I went off at my usual Aries rate...alone, determined, and assumed I could do it. It explains the lack of writing on this web-site. I did one sensible thing....just one, but it saved my creative soul and curbed my Aries fire. I contracted a Tech Editor to check a pattern. This pattern is my first complicated involves dividing work to make legs AND a gus…