Friday, 24 April 2015

Coffee and the Gods would eat it.

Isla ready to get in the car

There are those among you who completely understand those shopping days when you spend about as much on wool as you did on groceries.

In my household, I go once a week on a trip to a supermarket that suits my manners and stocks goods I like. As this institution sits in a town which happens to be on the very edge of Auckland's suburbia, we often combine errands to fabric shops (to collect newly-sharpened scissors),collect  prescriptions, bones for the dog from a large butchery, and various other needs. Today the craft supermarket Spotlight was included. It was a bit of a stretch for my Chris as really this shop is visited ONLY by me and usually outside of regular shopping trips.

Isla loving the sun

 Isla adores "Going In The Car". It's up there with "Dinner" and "Shall We Play a Game?". So we trundle through open country along State Highway 16 and it is never a chore, in fact it's a Day Out. 

View from car while going grocery shopping.

 I have to be careful not to add too many strange and vague errands to the morning's list or I make the event too stressful. Today was nicely balanced pull of easy shopping and a quick-as-lightning stock up a particular wool and an i-cord maker.

What I bought at the wool shop
 So armed with a specific list AND the yarn label of the previous ball used, I zoomed into Spotlight. Of course, I was doomed to failure the minute I realised the staff had a) moved the wool I needed and b) had run out of the colour I wanted. Again, there are kind souls out there reading this murmuring "I could have told her she wasn't going to get the right colour!".

A big fat compromise on colour was made...and then I went "Off-List" for a bit.

That blue you see in the bag, is one of two balls of Patons Dreamtime 4ply. I was only meant to get two of a neutral colour for my test knitter.Those blue balls instantly materialised before my eyes into cosy leggings for the new grandson on his way. I justified it all then and there in Aisle 3 on a dreary Friday morning in Spotlight. Then there is the cotton mix also in blue, which is at the bottom of the bag. Again, a vague outline of a crisply structured top with buttons floated across my band-width before my hands had placed the two balls in the basket -like magic.

Back home
 All this was helped of course by the sun coming out and a surprise I knew was waiting for me at the supermarket. 

I am one of those people who never win anything. As a result I never play the lottery and regard raffles as a donation. Even promotions I suspect as being a data-gathering exercise. so, when I entered a draw at the supermarket I drive to because I like their customer service and they stock free-range and organic goods, I dismissed it as yet another public relations gimmick but entered anyway, because they are so nice.

BUT OH NO...I was rung during the week and told I had won one of ten hampers. 

My prize
 The news was still big in my household even this morning....because, and until this week, I NEVER win anything.

It is big and shiny and bold and filled with stuff I would not normally buy.

 The sharp-sighted will have noticed the nougat next to the Jelly Beans. There were two boxes of the nougat. You might also see the scrunched up cellophane on the right where the recipient of the hamper adjusted the arrangement so as to make it all look as if no-one had dived in and grabbed the box of nougat sitting above the spaghetti. 

I have a profound relationship with nougat.

It acts a deep longing and goes way back.

I have, in fact, no resistance to nougat.

Last remaining ougat box sitting next to jelly beans
When we got in, I made coffee, put the shopping away and gazed at the box of nougat...for about 30 seconds. 

Coffee being made while shopping is put away...hamper to the left.
 Honestly, it was divine. I shared it with Chris. It was so beautifully made that it had rice paper on the bottom.....sigh.

...and dunking it in hot coffee is how the gods would eat it. Oh man it was good....and the smell, like a trip to Venice in one sitting!...all almonds and egg-white and sugar.

The wool shopping WAS almost the same as the basic grocery shopping, but there are future projects of immense import yet to be constructed therein. The hamper topped it all off. It's still sitting there on the table...with its red shiny bow.

 So, another ordinary day here.

Fiona MacBride
Tin Shed Yarns

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