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Coffee and the Gods would eat it.

There are those among you who completely understand those shopping days when you spend about as much on wool as you did on groceries.

In my household, I go once a week on a trip to a supermarket that suits my manners and stocks goods I like. As this institution sits in a town which happens to be on the very edge of Auckland's suburbia, we often combine errands to fabric shops (to collect newly-sharpened scissors),collect  prescriptions, bones for the dog from a large butchery, and various other needs. Today the craft supermarket Spotlight was included. It was a bit of a stretch for my Chris as really this shop is visited ONLY by me and usually outside of regular shopping trips.

Isla adores "Going In The Car". It's up there with "Dinner" and "Shall We Play a Game?". So we trundle through open country along State Highway 16 and it is never a chore, in fact it's a Day Out. 

I have to be careful not to add too many strange and vague errands to the mo…