Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Annual Agricultural and Pastoral Show

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This post is all about the Helensville A&P Show.

It is the best community event of the year.

Livestock is shown.

 Some wait with their owners until competition is finished.

There was an air of serenity and calm.

Cows didn't mind being stroked.

There were donkey noses.

...and goat noses.


...and sheep,

...ice cream...

Scottish Country Dancing....in 30 degree heat. Most of the European settlers in this town were of Scottish origin by way of Nova Scotia.

Himself stood proudly at the Knitted Goods and Hand-Crafts display....

...because I had won First Prize in the "Knitted Article in Other Wool or Mixture". The Kaipara Valley Lace Shawl won.

It was hot and dusty....

...so we went home....

...and had celebratory bubbles!



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