Monday, 2 February 2015

My Family and Other Influences

If you know your Irish history then you'll know about this woman.

She was a well-born socialite from the time of Ireland's Celtic Twilight. She moved in fabulously interesting political, artistic and spiritual circles in Dublin and Paris.

We are related by marriage.

She married my grandfather's uncle, John MacBride. It was a marriage of celebrities. He was a recently-returned war hero from the Transvaal having  fought the British by forming an Irish Brigade.


John "The Major" MacBride

The marriage did not last. But in a weird twist, John's older brother married Maud's much younger half-sister. That marriage was a happy one and confused many people. The grandchild of that union is the lovely Irish writer Paul Durcan.

I only bring this up because BBC are running a short item on Maud Gonne's predilection for Spiritualism. It's here.....

Fiona MacBride

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writerdd said...

Fascinating story. Thanks for sharing. I love family history. I'm writing an article about spiritualism and sock knitting! :-D