Monday, 16 February 2015

A Little "Bit" of Luck

The DIY bug of summer finally got me.

This was one of the jobs.

The wooden deck area at the rear of the cottage had got a bit "tired" looking with Isla skidding and braking on it. The NZ sun fades stuff quickly too. It was time for the Annual Painting of The Deck.

Before that was to happen, the deck needed repairing and tidying. So, I got out all my tools (one hammer, a drill, some screws and a nail-punch) and started. You basically start at one end and just keep going hammering down all the nail-heads standing proud. 

Would that the job were that simple.

As it is an old deck and given that it was part of a total "quickie" renovation job before I bought the property, the compromises made before showed up.

I had to deal with warped boards, half-width joists and so on.

I used screws on the warpiest ends so that the wood was tightly connected to its bearer. This meant drilling through tight old wood with my basic old drill.

I lost one drill bit ( a 4.5mm) because it broke.

I had to go and get new screws so then I had to match the drill bit to the new ones.

I was doing a hell of a lot of drill holes in places.

Along the way I struggled to get the drill bit out a few times and had to wrangle the drill as a socket wrench sometimes.

Then came that last one....THE VERY LAST SCREW to go in and the blasted drill bit would not come out of the drill hole.

Be reminded we are talking about 28 degree heat and 65% humidity!

In a fit of basic sense I reasoned that a cheap 5mm drill bit that came with the drill was no great loss (especially as I had already snapped its 4.5mm brother earlier on). So took the hammer over to the drill bit and hit it home, making it earn its keep as a screw.


It's there in the photo in the middle...that neat circle on the lower side of the join.

Go me, I thought!

Good thoughts to you all,

Fiona MacBride

Tin Shed Yarns

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