Monday, 5 January 2015

Pink Skies and Warm Sea

Fish Scale Lace Pattern with scarf construction, chart and written instructions are here....


Perhaps I shouldn't have published this, but it was a glorious swim at the end of a long hot day.

No, I'm not beach-ready really. There is a rosy-pink glow, yes, not a biscuit brown though.

Isla, the dog, absolutely loved it.

Chris took this photo.

Isla swam out with lovely to see her paddling along beside me. Hates the waves...

Knowing she can swim means one less thing I have to teach her. Isla came to me about 15 months ago scatty and anxious. She's still anxious. Can't be easily left at home. She has frightened us with her manic need to chase motorbikes, though it turns out she is more scared than exhilarated. 

The swim was a chance to cool off and have fun. 

Swimming at the beginning or the end (or both) of a summer day is one of life's gifts. 

It's not unusual here to start the day in ones swim togs and stay in them the entire time. They become all-purpose underwear for all-day-in-the-sun; You simply don T-shirt and shorts over the top. This is perfectly normal in December, January, and February. Tomorrow I will wear the same to the supermarket...only in my second pair of togs. We all have at least two pairs; One on and one drying on the line.

So we drove with a very contented dog and came home to a glorious sunset.

Ideas Page

Here's a link to a new page where I go on about design ideas and techniques.

This week it's all about Fish Scale Lace and how it was used for a scarf pattern.

I am enjoying the freedom of presenting ideas. It's good for me to marshall my thoughts and clarify what I mean.

Kia Ora

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