Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Letter to Santa 2014

Dear Santa,

You might remember me -I wrote last year... I had a list of requests.......they're here.

(from last year)

-a new industrial skeiner that can be used everyday.

                    Still working on this.

-Some new trees (sycamores please) to plant.

                    Opted for silver birch.

-Isla (the dog) to stop chasing the postman..

                     Got the Dog-Whispherer in...had a word with her. It's not the postman, it's  the motorbike she hates.

-More time with my grandson.

                     Getting there....things are more settled.

-No tax bill next year.

                     Yes...this happened.

-Sanity in Syria.


-Calm in South Sudan



Here's the list for 2015;

1. A new food-processor. I haven't had one since the divorce (8 yrs ago) and I have to make mince pie mix tomorrow.

2. Kinder feelings towards stressed mums with children. 

3. Humbler expectations; Just because you wear a suit doesn't mean you're justified.

4.  Safer communities; Remember those stressed mums?...well their kids become angry teens.

5. Gentler views on land; You need better soil not more phosphate.

So, if you can sort all that out, Santa, I'll be a fan forever.

Take care,

Fiona MacBride
Tin Shed Yarns


Monday, 15 December 2014

So...I think we have come to a decision.

From the Back of The Shed;

                    Decision Made

There are to be big changes in VAT collection in EU and the associated administrative burden for vendors...and that (so far as we can ascertain) means potential vendors like me. 

As you know, we have been making some changes here and this extra concern could not have come at a worse time.

With this in mind, plus the "iffy" broadband reliability out in the country, learning new technology and the real possibility of huge costs in changing to a web-site with more content and shopping-cart function, we have decided to delay any moves or up-dates for the next 18 months.

To avoid being involved in the mire of being a vendor of digital content, we will not for the time being, have patterns available for sale. Big patterns, special patterns therefore, will not be available from me for the next 18 months. They will be put towards another publication.

We will have only free knitting patterns and techniques available and will remain with Blogger and Blogspot until then. It also means I won't be competing with colleagues.

Tin Shed Yarn Design's another little wrinkle in the wool cosmos washed and blocked out.....


Fiona MacBride

Tin Shed Yarn Design