Monday, 24 November 2014

The Technology Up-Grade

.....And We're Off....

Once you decide to step up a notch in the world of publishing and communication you do have a stretch of learning ahead.

Certainly if you want to keep everything contained and manageable on your terms.

Requests for patterns started all this.

The genesis was a happy proud moment.

I am still thrilled by it all.

The studio has been re-organised twice...because some tidy little person in the back room of my brain  declared that a tidy room indicated a tidy brain.

That voice has been silent for a while but was heard muttering again when the plan for a BIGGER SCREEN  for the new computer was presented.

I no longer have a tidy brain and that voice will have to go into committee with my technical assistant. 

I am trying to learn software for two new devices plus StitchMastery. 

There has been other stuff happening that has made me just plain tired and so the head-cold became a full on nasty and I succumbed.

Isla looked after me.

Isla the Border-Collie
But I am back now medicated with anti-biotics. 

Just look out....

I am technologically improved and keen to get a move on.

More soon

Fiona MacBride

(..and then just as I was getting things together, I began hearing about all digital sales in all EU countries being captured for VAT......sigh...we'll get there!)