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Something Wonderful is Happening.

There are changes afoot here at Tin Shed Yarns.

Lots of changes, and all good.
I'd like to think of last year as a "consolidation" year; a year of practising and deepening the knitting knowledge. 

Turns out I already knew quite a bit...and I feel most of us actually know an awful lot -it's just that we hesitate before putting our knowledge to the test for fear of getting it wrong or wasting time and wool.

I was well supported many years ago by the Auckland Spinners' and Weavers' Guild, where the notion of "getting it wrong" or "wasting wool" was firmly encouraged. I came out the other side of all that with an artist's mind for process.

Armed with lace knitting knowledge, I designed (scribbled in a quad book) and knitted a square shawl. It was a Leviathan task. 
I am deeply proud of it.

It's not a complicated design. It is meant as an appreciation for my new surroundings here in South Kaipara (well, one year). There is a fir tree motif, a …