Saturday, 18 October 2014

Something Wonderful is Happening.

Dressing the shawl
There are changes afoot here at Tin Shed Yarns.

Lots of changes, and all good.

I'd like to think of last year as a "consolidation" year; a year of practising and deepening the knitting knowledge. 

Turns out I already knew quite a bit...and I feel most of us actually know an awful lot -it's just that we hesitate before putting our knowledge to the test for fear of getting it wrong or wasting time and wool.

I was well supported many years ago by the Auckland Spinners' and Weavers' Guild, where the notion of "getting it wrong" or "wasting wool" was firmly encouraged. I came out the other side of all that with an artist's mind for process.

Isla, the dog, "helping" in the shed.
Armed with lace knitting knowledge, I designed (scribbled in a quad book) and knitted a square shawl. It was a Leviathan task. 

I am deeply proud of it.

It's not a complicated design. It is meant as an appreciation for my new surroundings here in South Kaipara (well, one year). There is a fir tree motif, a serpentine river and a wavy shore-line. 

I want to exhibit it locally early next year so I have been careful about exposing it too much.

But, I've been asked for the pattern by knitters whom I respect overseas, and it's a bit hard to ignore the request.

Plantation Fir Trees
The advice from other knitter/designers is to just go ahead and get the design done and publish....I'd feel better.

Now, that was all a preamble to explain that there will have to be a complete technological up-grade here in order to remain in contact with you all AND publish on-line. 

A finance plan has been drawn up and submitted.

Software has been sampled.

This web-site has been explored (actually I've done it before) for "side-bar" features.

Family have been recruited for technological help.

The Shawl
There will be more.

It's a whole new world, and one I have been tip-toeing to for some time. I appreciate the welcome I have had from Justine Turner of Just-Jussi Designs. She promised to wriggle over and give me some room!...bless.

Shawl in perspective
Take care,

Fiona MacBride