Friday, 5 September 2014

....and then it's over.

Sunsets in Helensville can be magical. They give you perspective on a day's work.

Turning 180 degrees the moon would be seen rising -it was a pin-prick of flash that evening.

There has been an awful lot to reflect on in world events in the last weeks. We lost Robin Williams. Gazans despaired in their bombed out land. Iraq deteriorated and Syria became hell for journalists. 

Meanwhile, in Cleveland Ohio, a cousin of mine gave up fighting his demons and ended his life. It wasn't a neat ending....contained or calculated. It was in a police cell.

He was everything that was sad about the Irish diaspora. Patrick was born in Westport, Mayo. Our fathers were brothers. Both fathers died early in their 30s, mine in 1968 and his in 1970. We emigrated to NZ and Patrick followed another uncle's family to Cleveland. His relationship with alcohol was a disaster. 

So, a funeral took place last week in Cleveland with all the dutiful ritual needed to make  things dignified. It would have been warm ...too warm for his 80yr old mother who flew in from Westport. She is taking ashes home to Westport. Some will remain with his family in Cleveland.

The Big Knit
The shawl is finished...well apart from the edge. I will knit that next week in an elegant and delicate manner.

The knitting which has taken place lately around here has been fast, furious and feverish.  
Language I would not usually use has been uttered over lace-weight alpaca stitches sliding off the end of needles. I won't publish pictures until it has been submitted for the Agricultural and Pastoral Show in January 2015. 

Here is the state it is in......

Shawl awaiting edge.
Let's just say that I have put in some 10 hour days and have cancelled appointments to get this far.

Malabrigo lace encapsulated.
Once in a while a supplier comes along who is just perfect...just ONCE.

Way out north-west here, you learn to be self-sufficient, finding Deborah Wilmore at made the North-West just special.
She operates from her land-block keeping the prices down while stocking the top range products. Deborah has.....

  • Addi lace needles
  • Malabrigo lace
  • Zealana
  • Touch Yarns
  • Knowledge
  • Enthusiasm (soooo lacking in some traders)
  • Debbie Bliss
  • Noro
  • Patience
  • Toys in the back room for grandchildren
She presented myself and my daughter (she knits too) with lovely wool soak samples and a very useful needle-size card. 

I couldn't resist the Malabrigo in Dark Azul.

Deborah is a great lady. She deserves your support....she does on-line trading too. We will prove to the world that good yarn shops are the new craft beer....tasty, good for you and trendy!

Isla just security checking the knitting area.

Fiona MacBride

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