Friday, 25 July 2014

"Spem in Alium" and a brown Aran

My brown Aran
I Haven't Gone Away....

I am deep into the "Long Project" now. So deep that it feels like a university course or a book writing year. 

I am tempted to explain this sustained period of obsession as a Master's Degree in knitting.

Dawn from my house (not the one pictured)

Misty winter mornings
...and it has been cold here and it has howled. I lost power for one night and phone and internet for three days. So you get your needles out and keep trudging on with the "Master's Degree".


The shawl is a challenge...more for the drudgery than the skill. I have used drinking straws cut up to act as tiny stitch-markers.

I work wherever it is warm.

I work where there is quiet...or excellent mind-food such as BBC 4 or Radio NZ National or RTE.
Always needing glasses.

I have re-discovered Tallis' "Spem in Alium" through "How To Listen To Classical Music". 30 odd years ago I had the chance to sing this as part of the university choir. I bailed. It was exam time and I had a summer job lined up. 

It has helped with the stitches. 

The only needles I use for large lace projects.
Sadly "Spem in Alium" has been used for 50 Shades. I did not know this.  

...and the brown Aran at the top? I was five in that photo. We had one each and they would be handed down. All from  Clifden, Galway, they were bought as hand-knits despite a complete household ban on hand-knitted items. Somehow, if it had a label it was "good enough" to almost be factory-made. 

Notice too, the fetching ski-pants?...ones with stirrups! Ah yes...

I have ordered more sets of the above needles so that I can work in a less crowded-in fashion and have one long needle length strung through each of the four sides....did I tell you it was square?. Well, the prototype was done earlier here 

The river looks like an octopus and the fence-palings look like beach huts. This will all change.

So, I must return to the needles.

Isla waits for the postman.
Take care with each other. 

Fiona MacBride                             

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