Friday, 13 June 2014

The Year of The Lace Shawl

View from the studio
Studio News

Helen's Villa sits across the road from me. The house was named as the house where Helen lived. She was one of the McLeod family. The Mcleods  were one of the original european settler families in the district. There were other McLeod houses around the township and they were named locally according to which member of the multi-generational family occupied it. As time went on the locality surrounding Helen's Villa became known as Helensville. 

The newly-minted centre of The Shawl
My life has become a focus on Lace Shawls.

The WIP above has been ripped once already. We don't talk about it much, suffice to say,  I was not comfortable with the "gathering of compromises" which the shawl had become.

I knit slightly differently now; two hours of excellent organised work triumphs over four of confusion. It means that the studio had to be completely tidied. I sense I am not alone in this. Many other knitters cannot start a major project without starting completely afresh. 

Black cloth, fine white yarn, sunlight, markers and tiny DPNs at the desk.
Below is a photo of the sewing haberdashery bits all boxed and labelled. I am known for being a demon filing clerk.

This lot is a mix of saved, bought and scavenged bits and bobs .
Naturally, this boxing and filing OCD led to space on shelves, which is a rare thing. In my case it meant more space for books.

Certain sized books now fit the shelves. The large ones stay  on top.

Cookbooks are in the hallway behind where Isla lies waiting for the postman.

Fabrics folded and out of the sun.
Don't assume I have always been like this, and please do not sniff derisively with "-well she obviously doesn't have kids."
The thing is, it has taken me half a life-time to get to this place.

I would like to introduce to you all a new goddess in the knit-world, Sharon Miller.

I already have a Pantheon of Knitting Gods. They are, Zimmerman, Walker, Budd, Bush, Stove.

This book by Sharon Miller is THE REFERENCE BOOK FOR SHETLAND LACE. Go no further.
Internet searches for it come up stating that it is not available new. Second-hand prices listed are a bit unreasonable. 

The copy above came from the library. Yay for libraries!

Cut up drinking straws make excellent stitch markers.

Sometimes I knit out here but the Shawl needs an entire technical entourage of charts and stuff and it gets too stressful.
Isla has taken it over.
So it has become The Year of The Lace Shawl. I am sorry to bore anyone who wanted other work or those who are "over lace". Thing is, I won't be "over lace" until I've finished
it. It's where I am on this great journey.

Studio window.
My creative space took time to get and I had to be patient. Sometimes I get so possessive I don't want to mess it up. Some things are too pretty to use. 

My linen yarn. I will probably die with this still displayed.
The studio is simply and cheaply furnished. I have re-cycled office furniture and charity-shop finds, but it works. 
Did you know I have a "thing" about baskets?
In Conclusion

Keep the journey to your studio in your alive. It will happen.

Fiona MacBride

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