Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Very Dodgy Row


The notes in the picture above don't show what I wrote on the plan. 

"Very Dodgy Row" is scribbled along side one row. That's because the increases and yarn-overs didn't balance and I ended up fudging things.

When I finish this piece, I will take a cold, hard look at everything, including my mistakes and not so well executed ideas, and I will change the plan with a view to improving it.

I already know in my bones that that one motif I have knitted isn't working well, but I have to finish it first to prove how insipid it is.

I live the life of a martyr.

But I'm no martyr because I don't have the energy to be sanctimonious...I'm just resigned to mistakes and sad designing. What keeps me going is the second chance to make it better.

Rubber bands and bulb safety-pins.
You see, I am so damned lucky to be able to devote time and energy to all this.

It means I can make mistakes.

It means I can work from MY OWN PLAN.

I even ordered a lace-blocking kit from Australia

I might just be the only person in the whole of New Zealand with a tube of steel wires in their studio. This is a big deal for me....a Lace-Blocking Kit is considered an overseas thing invented for overseas knitters....not NZ knitters.

Changing to rubber bands.
No knitting stockists in NZ have them and I generally get referred to engineering supplies companies who never answer my messages.

The wool I am using is recycled from a baby shawl considered too holey for the local Charity Shop (they turned it down when I offered it to them). So the wool was skeined and washed and re-wound. It means I am not spending a fortune on wool for this prototype.

I also used rubber bands for stitch markers because they will squish under stitches while safety pins won't.

Rubber bands for hair purchased from the local Dollar Shop. 
This work has kept me studio-bound for some time. It's been good.

We are now back on Standard Time with the clocks going back an hour. Makes early evening a different feel altogether.

Being Aries, I am susceptible to light and when it fades. 

In Blessing

Keep warm,

Fiona MacBride

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