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A Very Dodgy Row


The notes in the picture above don't show what I wrote on the plan. 

"Very Dodgy Row" is scribbled along side one row. That's because the increases and yarn-overs didn't balance and I ended up fudging things.

When I finish this piece, I will take a cold, hard look at everything, including my mistakes and not so well executed ideas, and I will change the plan with a view to improving it.

I already know in my bones that that one motif I have knitted isn't working well, but I have to finish it first to prove how insipid it is.

I live the life of a martyr.

But I'm no martyr because I don't have the energy to be sanctimonious...I'm just resigned to mistakes and sad designing. What keeps me going is the second chance to make it better.

You see, I am so damned lucky to be able to devote time and energy to all this.

It means I can make mistakes.
It means I can work from MY OWN PLAN.

I even ordered a lace-blocking kit from Australia http://www.yarnglorious…