Sunday, 23 March 2014

I have never knitted a Penguin Sweater....

Tin Shed Yarns Cottage
March 2014

It's late summer here...well, autumn really.

There is just the slightest feeling of cool in early morning and late 15 degrees instead of 20 degrees!

Puppet Show
We've had the annual Agricultural and Pastoral Show.

New Tractors to climb on
...and my local farming friends worked hard to get a shed ready for hale bales to go into.

View looking South 
The hills are dry. We need rain. We're all ready for it.

I have mucked about delaying a start on a lace project mainly due to the heat. Any old excuse, though I've seen and watched this summer deepen and this little community open up.

After seven months I can tell whose dog is barking.

I know the routine of the large Tongan/Maori family over the road. They work hard keeping it all together. Both parents working and the grandparents living there too. Grandad enjoys a drink and a smoke on the back door steps.

My solo/separated mum next door with shared custody of her children. Things get fraught with all the inter-sibling jealousies and power battles. She has given me gorgeous grapes from her vine.

The on-going renovation of the six flats next-door (all one-level). Isla has more or less been adopted by the on-site trades-men. 

The retired farmer who lives alone and walks with his trolley everyday to the shops. He had a collie once too and has pushed photos of the dog through the letterbox for me. He has a speech impediment.

The lady down the road who lives as a tenant in a sleep-out. She has battled the alcohol and drug demons and is trying so hard to keep a job down. The local fruit and veg shop gave her a did the thrift store (we call them Opportunity Shops).

Helen's Villa (which became the name of the town, Helensville)
This is a community I like. All sorts of backgrounds, all ages, all trying hard.

There's gossip too...and rumour...and disrespectful youths, but that's everywhere.

You can quietly work in a small town like this, and many artists do. 

Wood for winter
Rain is finally forecast....and the temperature has dropped with the clouds coming in.

I've had the chimney sweep in and all the prunings from the garden are stacked alongside the macrocarpa logs I ordered last year.

We take our firewood very seriously around here.

Bring it on....!

Looking East to the MacKenzie hills
Take care and, just so you know, I did not knit a penguin sweater...ever.

Fiona MacBride

Tin Shed Yarns  -just like a bought one.

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