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I have never knitted a Penguin Sweater....

March 2014

It's late summer here...well, autumn really.

There is just the slightest feeling of cool in early morning and late 15 degrees instead of 20 degrees!

We've had the annual Agricultural and Pastoral Show.
...and my local farming friends worked hard to get a shed ready for hale bales to go into.
The hills are dry. We need rain. We're all ready for it.
I have mucked about delaying a start on a lace project mainly due to the heat. Any old excuse, though I've seen and watched this summer deepen and this little community open up.
After seven months I can tell whose dog is barking.
I know the routine of the large Tongan/Maori family over the road. They work hard keeping it all together. Both parents working and the grandparents living there too. Grandad enjoys a drink and a smoke on the back door steps.
My solo/separated mum next door with shared custody of her children. Things get fraught with all the inter-sibling jealousies and power battles. She has given …

12 hours ahead

It's That time of Year....
Lately I have taken to putting the time on my Twitter comments.
It's because the Nether-World of Twitter AND  this blog platform, being based in California, do not easily adjust to a time zone beyond the West Coast of the US. 
...unless I use a Smart-Phone because the location is then more easily found and then displayed.
Since the 4G situation where I live is practically non-existent and since last my foray into Smart-Phones was so awful with Sim-cards not working and only a call-centre for help, I refuse to get one until things are better supported.
So, everyone who finds me on the internet assumes I live in the US...somewhere on the West Coast, until they notice the blog's URL.
There is no location thingy for the lap-top I use.
...The End of Summer.
The times on the Twitter thing came about because lace-knitting has become an ongoing Sudoku puzzle for me, and the maths around time-zones in the world is another on-going maths puzzle. So, when I read so…