Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Happiness is...

My Shed
My needs are quite simple, but they are significant.

I have lived the suburban wife/mother in the renovated villa (although we did the renovating and lived through it) and the switch to glamorous coastal living (where we again renovated) with teenagers and dog. 
It seemed important at the time but I'm glad I'm not doing it any more. 

The teenagers survived well, but the marriage did not.

It was then that I decided what was important for living and what was not. Essentially I wanted a simpler life.

The recent recession sharpened the financial outlook and so the coastal living was ditched for a rural town north of Auckland. My security was  important enough for me to sell up and relocate (down-sizing I think it is called).

Railway Cottage and Shed
Just yesterday I reflected on how lucky I was. True, the sun was shining and there was a glass but here is a list in the vein of "Happiness is..."

The Tin Shed Yarns List of Happiness

1.Happiness is a your own tin shed with everything in its place waiting for work.

2. Happiness is sunshine for your office.

3. Happiness is Ply magazine http://plymagazine.com/ distributed by http://www.fibreliciousbooks.co.nz/

4. Happiness is Addi Turbo needles http://www.addineedleshop.com/addi_needles/index.htm from Linda at Masco's in the Downtown Shopping Centre in Auckland...http://www.mascowools.co.nz/pages/stores

5. Happiness is Trebuchet font.

6. Happiness is reliable broadband.

7. Happiness is enough to pay the bills.

8. Happiness is a quiet neighbourhood

9. Happiness is a new sewing machine with ALL the accessories.

10. Happiness is Hand-Me-On almost-new jeans (thank you Sue and Sara).

11. Happiness is stout sandals from the charity shop.

12. Happiness is everything labelled and colour co-ordinated.

13. Happiness is a scatty dog settling to a bone.

14. Happiness is seeing your son's band do well http://miceonstilts.bandcamp.com/

15. Happiness is hearing the 10.50am freight train go through town.

16. Happiness is Public Radio http://www.radionz.co.nz/...to inform, educate and entertain.

...oh there's loads more.

Take care,

Fiona MacBride

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