Sunday, 12 January 2014

Because of the dog......

This town where I live has sweeping views and open skies. I see these views in early mornings because of the dog.

I walk past bungalows and villas with gardens...with the dog.

Some are historical homes like this one.

Others are cute and useful like this studio/shed.

It has been the Summer of DIY here. It started in spring actually, after I moved here from Waiheke. I wrote about the tortuous tale of selling the Waiheke house in a previous blog under the name of Artisanz

The Spring job involved men and concrete and fence-posts. That was because I had just got the dog.

The Summer jobs of late have en-heightened fence... all-metal gate installed by an all-woman team one Monday morning two weeks ago.

These jobs were needed because of the dog.

She jumps fences, gates, anything, in order to get to the postman...whom she adores.

He arrives at HER front fence on a MOTORBIKE and leaves without HER. Being the farm dog that she is, nothing lights up that back room of her Collie brain faster than the revs of Travis the Postman's bike!

So, along with all her instincts that go into Protecting Her New Mum, we also have triggers such as farm-bikes, ducks, and water (she will go through ANY kind of mud).

Lately, we have had the two-hourly night-time escapades where she shouts at the stray cats next door. This has become a new problem and won't go away without intervention.
I have followed the help from Zac George on Barking Isla (that's the dog) is actually fine. It's the dratted cats left behind when the tenants from the flats next door all had to leave. I have just ordered one of these....a Humane Stray Cat Trap

It's because of the dog.

Some knitting has been done though.'s garter stitch. Yes, I like the basket too. I got it at a local craft market and I lined it.

Still no word on this....

Details are here:

Ah well....the dog looked good next to it.

I have big BIG plans for knitting, wool and sewing this year....hope you all will do that one bold least!

Knit confidently...and spin deftly.

Find the time and get the time, then get the shed!

From my shed to yours,

Fiona MacBride

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