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What am I?

...and what do you do, Fiona?

When I am asked this I have the "patter" all ready, though it's not a very honest patter.
I reply that I spin wool, alpaca and silk yarns from small land-holders. This IS true.
I usually sense that that phrase is not registering, so I add something technical and important-sounding like, -and I do test-knitting.
Now this is NOT strictly true in the sense that I am employed as a test-knitter, but I do more than the average share of pattern interpreting and gauge-setting.

When I say the latter, men visibly relax as it reassures them that knitting has a reference to their world...especially if they are technical themselves.

But, no, I am still getting used to becoming what I am now...a "Spinster and Dyester" as the term was in older times . The textile world understands...and allows for very small-scale operators like me. 
Others, accountants and engineers, feel the need to mechanise my world....control it!

I am a cottage industry and behold m…

Because of the dog......

This town where I live has sweeping views and open skies. I see these views in early mornings because of the dog.

I walk past bungalows and villas with gardens...with the dog.

Some are historical homes like this one.

Others are cute and useful like this studio/shed.
It has been the Summer of DIY here. It started in spring actually, after I moved here from Waiheke. I wrote about the tortuous tale of selling the Waiheke house in a previous blog under the name of Artisanz
The Spring job involved men and concrete and fence-posts. That was because I had just got the dog.

The Summer jobs of late have en-heightened fence... all-metal gate installed by an all-woman team one Monday morning two weeks ago.
These jobs were needed because of the dog.
She jumps fences, gates, anything, in order to get to the postman...whom she adores.
He arrives at HER front fence on a MOTORBIKE and leaves without HER. Being the farm dog that she is, nothing lights up that back room of her Collie bra…