2013 Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been quite good this year.

I have been mostly well-behaved and sensible.

I knitted unselfishly (see above) and I have begun spinning The Stash.

I have made new friends (I moved house) and have played nicely.

I have adopted a scatty but adorable Border Collie


She takes me out for walks.

My list last year was a bit long and "involved" but you got the gist...I was desperate to move on.

My list this year is more straightforward...as is my life.

These things I would like...

-a new industrial skeiner that can be used everyday.

-Some new trees (sycamores please) to plant.

-Isla (the dog) to stop chasing the postman.

-More time with my grandson.

-No tax bill next year.

-Sanity in Syria.

-Calm in South Sudan

Thank you Santa,

...and good luck with the reindeer.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Fiona MacBride