Friday, 8 November 2013

Why I Spin....


I spin because if I didn't I might harm someone.

It's like the bumper stickers...

But then you all understand about the "zoning out" that occurs when one is at the wheel with prepared fleece, or simply handling a fleece, or looking at finished wool,....

When Nordic TV screened a fleece to garment event earlier this week we all smiled at each other. 

REAL real time, and as far as I can make out by interpreting the body language and listening carefully, NO snarky comments about knitting...just genuine admiration and quality lighting and filming.

As someone on Twitter said...

"The revolution WILL be televised"

This week above all, has shocked some NZ-ers. Lives and attitudes that some never knew about were exposed. 

Turning back to wool and needles gives you some dignity.

Combed wool for a 50gm skein.
So we woolers continue as we always intended. Yes, we listen the world and its woes, we  listen, we work on. 

But man, I got angry this week.

If you are not in NZ here is why...

...and people wonder why women become feminists?

Apologies for the long link there.

Anyway, I will be at Helensville Market November 9th with all the wools.

Debbie will be there too.

Take care.

Fiona MacBride

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