Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Now that I am here......

Helensville at 6-10am. 17 degrees celsius.
I walk with the dog early in the morning. We are in early summer and the mornings are cool with mist low on the surrounding fields.

Isla has learned about "sit" and "wait" at kerb-sides.

Isla is still learning not to haul me along the path...she hauled a bit today.

This is Isla's heaven. A series of small ponds in a sloping valley. Isla is mad on ducks.

Isla is the Duck Shepherd. She will sit alert for ages watching them. Hates it when they argue or fly away.

Here is the original small pond we found when we moved here. These ducks expect bread. We never bring any.

Helensville is full of sweet old Railway houses like these. 

In The Tin Shed Today...

So we get back and start a day's work in the Tin Shed. As it's cooler today I can manage it. We have had days at 26 degrees celsius...

So I am spinning some silk from a dye workshop that could have gone better. Above is 50gm split into two 25gm amounts.

This action shot shows me starting to re-blend the colours through the silk sliver. I have to do this as there was not enough "bleeding" of colours and too much white from the internal density of the sliver.

I use a mini-comb with hackle teeth to mix everything up into a candy floss. 

I do end up with a rough mess and the fibres are not exactly aligned one way, but the colours are better. I don't get that Barber Pole effect.

I spin leaving some lumps in. I aim for a single that would create a sport-weight yarn.

Yes, I use an electric spinner.

Completed 25gm of singles...with a "Jimbo's" pet food mince meat container behind it!

In Conclusion...

This street art portrays an overview of this town. It is a river valley of ox-bows. 

It suits me.

I am finally able to get on and indulge the little talent I have.

It took a while to get there...

It meant being honest and realistic...

It took patience...

Take care,

Fiona MacBride

Tin Shed Yarns

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