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Hot, Hot, Soapy, Soapy

I have a lovely view where I sit to write. I feel it is important to have light and air for good composition but there is nothing quite like a harmonious view.

The "Tin Shed" offers a very useful work-space where I can make a mess while processing the wool.

Some ask why?...why do you do this?
I do not have an answer that fits any line of argument from technocrats or accountants or engineers or managers. I do it because I can.
I hand-spin for a project where possible because then it is a "whole" project. 

I prepare hand-spun yarn for markets because I like markets...and I can sell off my surplus  while putting good wool into peoples' hands.

Call it an obsession.

You and I know how hand-spun will "jump" with vitality as you knit with it. Socks in hand-spun are completely different from mill-spun.

However, the convenience of mill-spun ready-to-knit wool is alluring too. I understand the power of assembled wools in all their colours and labels on the she…