Friday, 27 September 2013

Here We Go....

Hand-spun and dyed wool from Waiheke Island.

...and I'm back.

You might have found me at Artisanz when I was living in a different part of Auckland, New Zealand. I am still in Auckland, though in the rural limits.

This is the new site. I will remain with this Google sponsored access until I know better.

There's a new workshop space....

Drum-carders and electric spinners all set out. 
There is a little house...
Railway house from 1920's
And there is a new friend to watch over everything....
Isla watching from the shed door.
I have been spinning coloured fleece...
Keeping a consistent twist while varying the colours.
...and I have been planning new projects...
Yes...that's the new Aura wheel from Majacraft.
Things are more orderly...well, mostly.
Skein of Wensleydale wool in plastic bag is from Aberdeenshire.

So Where Can We See The Hand-Spun Yarns?

I will be at the Helensville Market on Sunday October 13th with my friend Debbie. I will have a supply of re-purposed yarns, hand-spun naturals and some hand-spun and hand-dyed wool. 
Debbie is a classy knitter and has prepared some very desirable items for sale.

In closing

Take clear.

Fiona MacBride

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